Warehouse Management Systems

Efficient warehousing requires a robust warehouse management system that makes your 3PL responsive and cost effective. Through the application of the latest technology and the support of a very experienced team, your 3PL with us will be up and running in no time.

Partnering with us means you’ll get:

RedPrairie warehouse management system

RedPrairie is the largest and best warehouse management system around, and it’s used by many huge, global brands. We’re able to get your 3PL up and running on this incredible system, so you have the control and data needed to make the important decisions.

In-house tech team for support

RedPrairie is a robust warehouse management system, and the possibilities it provides are endless. However we understand that issues may arise, so we have a dedicated in-house tech team ready to support your business.

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Multiple courier and marketplace integrations

Our warehouse management system allows for integration with multiple carriers and any number of marketplaces, so your 3PL is accessible in one place. Streamlining the process gives you the control over your SupplyChain that helps you stay competitive.

Excellent reporting

As part of the OnBoarding process we can scope any specific reporting that you may require. This can be viewed in your client portal or if a web services integration has been completed the data will be live on your systems.

Intuitive web portal

Being able to access data from anywhere is what will allow your business to stay competitive. 3PL is made easy with our web portal that gives you the control you need, anytime, anywhere. Check tracking numbers, upload SKU and order files, assess inventory levels and print reports that have been written just to suit your business.