Ecological fulfilment


Koh® is a highly accredited next-generation universal eco cleaning solution employing the science of green ionic chemistry. Koh® radically simplifies traditional cleaning methodologies and process through a highly effective yet sustainable “clean anywhere, clean everywhere” approach.

  • Koh® approached Synergy with big plans to expand into Europe. This was a complex contract from an operational and technology perspective for the following reasons:
  • Multiple kits with child SKU’s adopting a master SKU
  • Inventory of various weights and dimensions
  • Multiple courier choices with weights, dims and service criteria
  • Being an eco-brand, we had to accommodate the least amount of packaging whilst protecting the products
  • Fast ramp-up to full production

Most of the service criteria were IT-related so our in-house team were able to configure our WMS RedPrairie, web portal and courier platforms to meet Koh®’s requirements.

The implementation was thorough and successful and today we are enjoying a happy and successful working relationship together.