5,000,000 units processed


Primark asked us to re-align their prices across a number of departments. This would mean that in addition to inter-country transfers and general re-processing there would be price change requirements across 5m units over a 10 week period. Each week a different department would be selected.

The apprehension Primark’s buying teams had was that certain departments would need in excess of 1m units processed within one week. This was to avoid stock being in stores at different prices. The other issue was that there would be stock already in stores at the old price.

A plan was put together that Synergy would process up to 200,000 units per day, whilst continuing Primark’s usual reprocessing. In addition, we agreed that we would print shout stickers for the stores to reprice whatever they had at the old prices. As an example, for menswear, we had to print approx. 500,000 shout stickers (including Euro price stickers for the NE stores). All the shout stickers provided for the different departments were free of charge.

The challenge for us was that one week we would be processing 1m units and the next would be 100,000 units dependent upon the department. Synergy managed and planned resources thoroughly to ensure that it met all of Primark’s deadlines. Furthermore, we undertook the programme without any effect on the day to day services provided to Primark, demonstrating Synergys’ agility to process huge fluctuations in volume.