Garment Processing & Pressing

Garment Processing & Pressing

Maintaining high quality standards and efficiency in the fashion logistics trade is something we’re very proud of. To process your garments in line with your customers wishes, you’ll get:

  • Veit steam tunnels and hand irons
  • 6,000 garments per hour capacity
  • High quality finish
  • Experienced fashion team
  • The understanding of each retailers requirements
  • SEDEX and ETI audited
Quality Control & Metal Detection

Quality Control & Metal Detection

High quality and safety are our top priority whilst understanding the commercial and credibility issues arising from unplanned inspections – we offer:

  • AQL 2.5 to 100% inspection
  • 12 fulltime experienced inspectors
  • Clean and well lit quality control area
  • We provide detailed reporting
  • Understanding of commercial standards
  • Trusted by many retailers and brands alike
Repricing & Re-Ticketing

Repricing & Re-Ticketing

Having the option to re-price at speed and economically gives our clients a big trading advantage. We offer a wide range of services to get your product to market as fast as possible all from under one roof:

  • 250,000 units processed per day
  • Barcodes and box-end labels printed on site
  • Fast turnaround usually day 1 for day 2 collection
  • Wide variety of products are processed every day
  • Ability to manage ad-hoc and peak projects