Fashion Quality Control & Metal Detection

Fashion Quality Control & Metal Detection has never been easier. We offer bespoke quality control services to high-end retailers.

The fast moving and competitive nature of fashion mean that some businesses neglect the high standards demanded by retailers and customers alike. At Synergy Retail Support we’re determined to offer the very best in terms of quality control and safety standards.

12 experienced inspectors

To ensure quality is maintained and production is available we employ 12 full-time inspectors. Their years of experience will give you peace of mind that your stock is being handled with care.

Clean and well-lit quality control area

Warehousing is very important, so we maintain a clean and well-lit quality control area. This is to ensure accuracy and consistency, especially when checking for shading or small faults.

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Providing good reporting as key

We provide detailed reporting on the status of your garments, so you know exactly how we’re doing. Quality control is an emotive issue and that’s why accurate data is imperative to fight fines or to charge back to suppliers.

Understand commercial standards

With 30 years experience we have a good sense of acceptable commercial standards. Our relationships with most high street retailers means we understand what quality level is being looked for.

Quality Control & Metal Detection

Trusted by many retailers and brands

For many years Synergy Retail Support has developed strong relationships working with most high street retailers and many suppliers. Our reputation is strong and a great degree of trust and history has been forged.