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Synergy Retail Support provide specialist footwear knowledge and remedial services.
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Synergy Retail Support is SEDEX and ETI audited with a specialist footwear team on hand to support. This department is headed up by a senior footwear technologist bringing experience, expertise and a welcomed commercial eye.

With overseas production and high humidity in shipping containers quality issues such as mould and socks lifting often become an issue. Synergy Retail Support offers quick response quality inspections from AQL 2.5 to 100% in addition to the following core re-processing services:

Footwear Gluing Services

Footwear Gluing

With short lead times, factories sub-contracting production and tight margins mistakes are inevitable. The main issues we see are the incorrect adhesive process and inadequate pressure applied to socks after gluing.

  • Correct adhesive selection to re-stick socks
  • Cleaning of excess glue
  • Re-branding with new cookies
  • Re-sticking trims onto vamps/quarters
  • Gluing of interlocking top pieces to heels

Ozone & Mould Treatment Options

Most of our clients will encounter mould; our aim is to offer several proven solutions to solve this issue. Our advice will be dependent on the severity of the mould and the retail selling price as the full Ozone and Micro Fresh process may be disproportionate to the value of the items. Additionally, we offer excellent reporting enabling our clients to raise claims against factories, shippers and insurers.

We have invested heavily in a substantial Ozone treatment facility. This service treats mould and odours at a molecular level in a sealed, safe and clean environment. This process is ideal for use with footwear, bags and accessories.

Ozone (trioxygen) is a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms. The most important aspect of Ozone is the third ‘extra’ oxygen atom. This is how the decontamination reaction works when this third atom meets a pollutant.

After treatment the Ozone molecule breaks down reverting to oxygen, leaving no significant viable mould. After the item is removed from the Ozone chamber it will be cleaned to remove the visible signs of dead mould.

  • Large Ozone chamber with comprehensive presence and origin of mould reporting from BLC Leather Laboratories (please ask us for sample reports)
  • Micro Fresh certified using the 2-stage cleaning process and UV light detection
  • Sourcing and repacking with new mould free materials

For more information please visit our Ozone Mould and Odour Removal page.

Footwear Mould Treatment
Synergy Ozone Test Labs
Footwear Services

100% Quality Inspection

We have a core quality inspection team of 12 working in a well-lit and clean environment. Our team understand commercially acceptable standards and offer various re-work possibilities to maximise good stock.

  • Checking for matching vamp depths
  • Ensuring back heights match
  • Correct labelling/sizing and branding
  • Glue marks or staining
  • Top lines are taught (Not gaping)
  • Top pieces are securely attached
  • Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metal Detection
  • Metal trims are not tarnished
  • Socks and trims are correctly glued
  • Uppers match in grain and shade
  • Ensuring no sharp eyelets or ski hooks
  • Checking for missing diamantes/jewels

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