Courier Integration

As part of our process to provide effective logistics solutions, we’ve partnered with many couriers of different sizes and specialities, to give your business the choice and cost effectiveness that makes the difference.

We like building relationships with our partners, and our courier partners are no different. They are ready to offer excellent services to your business.

Including the following:

Integration with a wide range of carriers

Choice is what allows businesses to stay competitive, and integrating with your preferred couriers means solutions that meet your needs, while you balance service against cost as with couriers you get what you pay for in many respects!

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Excellent shipping rates

We offer competitive shipping rates across many services from untracked mail, lifestyle couriers, next day tracked and the big and bulky. All couriers are integrated with our systems in terms of tracking and printing labels.

Real time tracking

Management is reliant on seeing how your stock is performing, including the items that have gone out the door. Our real-time tracking means your customers can always be in the know with text and email alerts depending on the courier service.

Late cut off times

Your customers deserve exceptional service, and we’re ready to make that happen. Order fulfilment is our top priority along with helping you choose the best delivery options. Late cut-off times and reliable delivery is what makes your customers come back for more.