Returns Management

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Returns Management

Synergy Retail Support fully understands that returns processing is almost more important than the outbound sale. You may have a disappointed customer who is now anxious to receive a replacement product or their money back.

Our approach to re-engage them with your brand is to offer a fast and efficient returns process that sees them refunded and your stock back in good inventory or on its way back to your vendor.

With JDA RedPrairie we scan and track every item, you’ll be able to tailor your own bespoke product reason codes and acceptable quality standards.

At any time we have 250 customer service cases open awaiting instructions, usually, these relate to a product that’s damaged and whether you wish to agree on a refund.

We have six-second line inspectors looking after reverse searches; this is the process of reconciling stock that’s been sent back against the wrong order number.

From a systems perspective, we can offer returns reporting in numerous formats as data is so valuable in this area.

Synergy Retail Support has a number of large retailers using us as their returns warehouse only but not as their own 3pl which is absolutely fine. When processing returns we can sort into many categories allowing for speedy put away in the receiving warehouse.

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