Bespoke Fulfilment & Logistics For Luxury Brands

Synergy Retail Support understands luxury and how to deliver great service and brand message.
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Dedicated Luxury Area

We offer a well lit, secure and carpeted area for your merchandise, with movements being monitored on our warehouse management systems. You may find it useful to read all about our technologies.

Delivery Options

The final mile is critical to the whole experience, so we offer a range of couriers and services worldwide including a same day white glove service. We are also familiar with runway events and photo shoots, so no need to worry there.

Our Team

The luxury brand team are our top guns in terms of quality inspection, complex packaging, and attention to detail. As a rule, each account will have a dedicated account manager who will become integral to your business. They will oversee your stock file, orders, returns, and day to day communications.

The inspection and packaging are carried out by a full-time team of fifteen all of whom are trained to stay on brand message.

Branded Packaging

We understand that you’ll require us to pack in a particular style whilst staying on brand by using your materials – and that’s our pleasure. We are here to support you in every way possible.

Packaging and presentation is always covered in detail as part of the OnBoarding process with possible improvements always being looked at. This whole area regularly changes as do your products, sales channels and delivery methods.

Who do we work with?

We predominately look after fashion and lifestyle companies with an average order value of £1500, that’s why we deliver an experience that engenders more sales.

To give a great example of a Luxury brand client have a look at the Moda Operandi case study.

Another great luxury brand we look after across all of their sales channels is This is a complex process with multiple seasons,  packaging methods and labelling.


As your business grows rest assured we have the infrastructure and ambition to support you across multiple sales channels and destinations.

Our OnBoarding team will listen and understand your requirements, furthermore, we have the technology to support you through discovery, testing and go live.

If you’d like to discuss your business please get in touch to arrange a meeting or call 03453 402 980.

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