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FGXE and Fabris Lane are one of the UK’s leading eyewear brands with a collection of adults’ and kids’ sunglasses. Synergy Retail Support has been working with the FGXE Operations Director for UK & Ireland and the National Account Manager for 4 years now.

In 2017, our challenge came when a volume of 662,738 units across 170 purchase orders and 51 different styles needed to be delivered into Tesco’s UK & CE depots over a two-month period.

As Tesco was late in deciding on the consumables, we had to process over 150,000 units within a 10 day period across 38 different purchase orders to meet the initial bookings. We met every delivery date for FGXE to ensure that Tesco had no loss of sales.

The processes were the same for the UK & CE stock with only the price variation between each style:-

  • Each of the sunglasses was quality checked for damages and scratches on the lens.
  • Each of the sunglasses needed to be attached to a new hanger tag, secured with a cable tie & cut.
  • Each hanger tag had a different filter, which represented the type of lens specification.
  • A booklet needed to be attached to the back base of the tag with two peel off stickers to ensure the booklet could be opened.
  • An EAN/RFID barcode sticker was applied to each hanger tag.

Please see FGXE reference extract below relating to this job.

“We’ve found Nick, Dee and Gary always to be helpful and flexible, their admin and attention to detail is excellent and they honestly can’t do enough to help.

This season was a huge success for FGXE. In 2016/2017 FGXE was one of two suppliers. For 2018 FGXE has the whole of the adult sunglasses business. This was through efficiency within the supply chain. Even though at times TESCO were difficult to deal with (Late in selecting goods, late with PO’s, changing dates of PO’s). Outsourcing this account to Synergy went a long way to securing the business for 2018.”

– Warren Mellor, Operations & Supply Chain Director

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