During Q4 2016 we were contacted by Tesco with an urgent request to reprocess 95,000 towels which were already allocated for peak sales.

This was an unusual request to attach a satin over sticker to the existing sew in label using hand irons.

Our promise was to process 10,000 units per day and coordinate 14 full loads from Middlesbrough with stock, process and return them within two weeks. We created a job tracker for the project and established a team of 15 production staff, 2 supervisors and an administrator to coordinate bookings and stock flow.

This demonstrated our open-minded and flexible approach to problem-solving and ambition to serve our customers by providing robust solutions.

Please see Tesco’s reference below relating to this job.

“I would like to thank Synergy for reprocessing some 95,000 units of product for us at short notice and even shorter turnaround time, the operation ran smoothly from start to finish with Synergy co-ordinating transport runs that worked with our own DC requirements and timings. The job itself was quite fiddly and needed accuracy in order to keep the product looking premium, I can say that the reworking was perfect and was carried out exactly how it was briefed, Gary updated us at every level from collection to completion and delivery. Accuracy on costings and timings were spot on and also competitive, as we all know how these things can overrun not only by timing but also cost. Synergy saved the day for us, allowing us to quickly turnaround quite a potentially big issue for us which could have impacted our sales, we have since used them for other re-work and highly recommend them”

Cheryl Thompson – Tesco Head of Technical Home and Seasonal

Tesco PLC employs more than half a million people and operates in 14 countries worldwide.

The high street giant’s clothing brand F&F was launched in 2006, rapidly becoming a staple favourite amongst customers and expanding its presence as Tesco Clothing to 10 global markets in 2011. Tesco’s clothing division required a fresh and imaginative strategy to handle a large number of enquiries that arise when dealing with volume logistics.

The central challenge was to design a system providing suppliers, hub facilities and staff with fast, accurate query resolution via a consistent knowledge base.
Synergy Retail Support responded by designing, building and implementing a dedicated call centre and CRM platform.

Secure registration and login are complemented by an advanced ticketing system enabling a large number of calls to be logged, tracked and dealt with efficiently. We trained and deployed a team of dedicated Synergy Retail Support staff with in-depth knowledge of Tesco’s product range.

This has resulted in the streamlining of Tesco’s response system, as well as relieving the brand of the burden of training and re-training internal staff as employees move around the company.

Tesco Logo - Synergy Retail Support Limited
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