Core Warehouse Management Systems

JDA RedPrairie’s Warehouse Management system is scalable and reliable, designed to enable best practice in warehousing and logistics. Due to its dynamic nature, RP is installed in 1000’s of sites across a wide range of sectors. A highly resilient application suitable for the most complex, fast-moving logistics environments. The system also allows complete flexibility in how core warehouse and logistics.

Best benefits include:

Quick turnaround

Partnering with Synergy Retail Support offers high volume production and quick turnaround times, whilst still maintaining attention to detail throughout the process.

Web Services - Real time data

The web services implementation consists of a “web service server” that is built on top of the existing web infrastructure enabling our clients to communicate with WMS through API. Also FTP interface is available if web services are not being utilised.

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Experienced tech support team

Regardless of your familiarity with warehouse management systems, we have an experienced tech support team on hand and ready to help.

Our system allows you to integrate your chosen sales channels and couriers via FTP or web services to our platform, our tech focused guys are on hand to support.

Access to RedPrairie

RedPrairie is truly the market leader, and using this as our warehouse management system gives you control and accuracy. Supplier management, warehousing solutions, and integrations are all accessible through one system, so you can make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Core Warehouse Management Systems

Real-time Data

Regardless of your current e-commerce fulfilment or logistics solutions, we offer full integration with our system, enabling quick and efficient management through one platform. Both you and your customers will benefit from effortless order fulfilment.

RedPrairie runs some of the world’s largest distribution centres, supporting the most complex operations and interfaces with ERP, buying and financial systems across multiple sites and continents, so we’ve got as much system muscle as anyone could wish for.

Our warehouse management system allows you to integrate sales channels and couriers in one easy to use platform. Being able to access your supply chain and shipping options in one place improves efficiency and reduces downtime, allowing your business to stay profitable.