In-house Support

Synergy Retail Support is very tech focused, allowing your business to stay competitive through efficient logistics management and real time data. Our focus means that your business may need support to make the most of the benefits our systems offer.

To keep you operating at peak efficiency, we offer:

Support from an experienced team

Our tech support team have a wide range of skills and experience, providing realistic processes that limit downtime whilst improving efficiency. They are on hand to suggest the best means of integration and to understand your requirements.

Web portal support

We understand that having access to the important data is what allows your business to stay competitive, so we’ve made our web portal intuitive, and easy to use. However your efficient logistics management relies on access to data, so our team are ready to help.

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Warehouse management system support

RedPrairie offers all the benefits of a world leading warehouse management system, including supply chain management, order processing and inventory control. Our team have worked with RP for may year and are familiar with the day to day requirements and bespoke coding possibility’s that may be needed by your business.

Additionally we have backup and equipment failure contingency plans in place and 24/7 JDA support

Detailed on-boarding

We have a thorough OnBoarding document from an operational and tech perspective. The full cycle is managed within our CRM and will take a client through every step of the process so that we are ready and fully tested for go live.

Synergy Tech Team
Synergy Tech Team