Multichannel & Courier Integrations

Our warehouse management system enables integration to your sales channels, inventory and couriers via one easy to use platform. Logistical support with us is tech focused, and our clients benefit from the latest software.

E-commerce fulfilment, warehousing, supply chain management and much more is all accessible through our web portal. We understand that you need control in order to stay competitive, so you can access this information wherever you are.

Integration with multiple sales channels

Regardless of your current e-commerce fulfilment or logistics solutions, we offer full integration with our system, enabling quick and efficient management through one platform. Both you and your customers will benefit effortless order fulfilment.

Today we have connectors with BrightPearl and Linworks with further aggregator integrations planned giving maximum choice.

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Integration with multiple couriers

Our clients benefit from excellent rates and shipping options. This is made possible through integration with multiple couriers, offering a wide range of service levels and pricing.

(Multi Channel & Courier) Integrations
(Multi Channel & Courier) Integrations