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Synergy Ozone treats problems at a molecular level in a sealed, safe and clean processing area.
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Ozone Treatment to Remove Mould, Strong Odours and Infestation

Synergy Ozone Treatment Labs

Synergy Retail Support has expanded its fashion and lifestyle vertical to include a substantial Ozone Decontamination Service known as Synergy Ozone.

Many of our clients have issues with mould, infestation and strong odours such as glue, diesel and other nasties. Traditionally clients would tackle the problem with steam pressing or with the use of chemical spraying simply trading one smell for another.

The Synergy Ozone process treats the problem at a molecular level with Ozone in a sealed, safe and clean processing area.

Synergy Ozone Treatment Labs

What is Ozone?

Ozone (trioxygen) is a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms. Ozone is a highly reactive molecule usually in the upper atmosphere in a thin band called the ‘ozone layer’.

The most important aspect of ozone is the third ‘extra’ oxygen atom. This is how the decontamination reaction works when it comes into contact with a pollutant. After treatment the ozone molecule breaks down, reverting to oxygen, leaving no scent or stains.

How is Ozone created?

Ozone can now be created with the use of special generators by pulling oxygen through a small electrical field and breaking it into individual oxygen atoms. These atoms can then temporarily reform into groups of three to create the unstable molecule known as ozone.

It is because ozone is unstable (meaning it degrades naturally over a very short period of time) that it has to be generated on site and cannot be stored in tanks like oxygen.

Ozone for Fashion Mould & Odour Treatment

Is Ozone treatment safe?

Yes, whilst ozone does react easily, it will have no effect on the materials used in your merchandise.

Our Ozone generation equipment has an destruct system for fast turnaround, destroying any remaining Ozone after use and contaminants that cause odours or moulds.

Ozone treatment in 3PL warehousing
Ozone Testing

Why Synergy Ozone works so well

As manufacturing moves to new territories with tighter lead times and margins issues become inevitable.

With thirty years’ experience working with the high streets largest fashion and lifestyle retailers, Synergy has the scale and value added services on offer to deal with problems on site.

Any issues relating to mould, bad odours or infestation requires significant processing pre and post Ozone treatment such as – unpacking, brushing, quality inspection and repackaging.

Synergy is scalable with a wide range of services and 150 guys to support:

  • Garment Processing
  • Quality Inspection
  • Re-Labelling
Ozone treatment for Fashion
Ozone Process & Testing

How does the service work?

  1. After an initial chat, the client completes a simple briefing document
  2. Sample stock is sent to Synergy for assessment
  3. Synergy carry out swab tests and send the compromised samples to a microbiology lab to determine issues and report
  4. Laboratory send samples back to Synergy for Ozone treatment in our test chamber
  5. Samples are then sent back to the laboratory to confirm the Ozone process has worked
  6. Synergy will supply a report and quotation for sign off by our client
  7. When the bulk stock arrives Synergy will prepare for the production process
  8. Stock should be re-packed into new packaging materials to avoid cross contamination

Sampling and reporting can take up to a week as mould spores need five days to reformulate. If the Ozone treatment has worked after this period, then the mould spores would no longer be viable and the process is appropriate to continue with.

However, if it is just an odour issue, such as chemicals or a musty smell, then it would simply be odour removal treatment with much faster processing times.

Ozone Testing Report
Ozone Testing & Reporting

Microbiology Testing

Synergy Retail Support is SEDEX and ETI audited and utilise BLC Leather Technology Centre Ltd microbiology services. This enables us to test multiple samples pre-production ensuring the Ozone treatment has been effective.

We offer thorough reporting as part of the service enabling clients to address issues upstream, raise claims and avoid future problems.

Ozone treatment for Fashion
Ozone Treatment to Remove Mould, Strong Odours and Infestation
Ozone Treatment to Remove Mould, Strong Odours and Infestation
Ozone Treatment to Remove Mould, Strong Odours and Infestation
Ozone Treatment to Remove Mould, Strong Odours and Infestation

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