Are you ready for a record-breaking Peak?

As the UK begins to swap sunscreen for woolly jumpers, the impact of Covid-19 and Brexit continues to loom as UK sellers adapt to today’s unpredictable eCommerce environment. Following the initial boom in eCommerce orders during the closure of brick and mortar stores, growth for the industry has slowed to more manageable levels as the UK returned to a pre-lockdown life.

But with Black Friday and Christmas just around the corner, eCommerce retailers are being warned to prepare for another record-breaking year. While last year saw 25.4% YoY growth in online orders, Metapack is predicting we could see a further 10.7% YoY growth this year. 

However, according to a recent study by eBay, eCommerce brands should also prepare for a change in consumer behaviour. The study revealed that consumers are planning to spend more this year and that they are planning to start earlier and do most of it online. 

Peak 2021 Predecitions

Avoiding a reputation-damaging peak

But with the pressure of increased demand also comes increased risk for eCommerce brands. 

While many consumers relaxed their expectations during the early stages of the pandemic, 18 months on, they are no longer accepting the pandemic as an excuse for poor customer service. As a result, 40% of consumers expect free deliveries within 1-3 days, while 45% expect paid deliveries to arrive the next day.  

With the heightened demand for faster shipping, eCommerce brands risk damaging their revenue growth and reputation if they cannot provide fast, reliable deliveries this Peak. As many industry experts describe this year as a make or break for eCommerce retailers, it’s more critical than ever brands are prepared. 

However, it’s not just an increase in demand rocking the boat for eCommerce brands. The impact of the pandemic and Brexit are also disrupting the supply chain, from manufacturing and importation delays to a shortage in seasonal workers. 

Therefore, the key to success this year is to ensure you have enough stock (and the facilities to store it) and that you have the operational power to deliver your orders on time, every time. 

To help you ensure you’re prepared for Peak 2021, we’ve created a Countdown To Peak Checklist, download for free using the form below.  

Are you feeling overwhelmed and under pressure this Peak?

It’s not too late to find out about outsourcing your fulfilment in time for Peak. 

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Gary Rees

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