UK-based eCommerce Retailers Among the Top Black Friday Sellers Globally

As online offers extend into this week, retailers across the globe are continuing to see sales skyrocket during the Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) sales.

Early insight from eCommerce platform Shopify indicates that this weekend saw another record-breaking year for online retailers, with a 21% increase in sales versus 2020.

However, while news across the pond in the USA indicates a slightly underwhelming growth in Black Friday sales for US shoppers, here in the UK, Barclaycard has reported a 23% increase in their customer’s card payments compared to 2020. Meanwhile, high street building society, Nationwide have reported a 26% increase year on year, as their customers made over £5.9m in purchases on Black Friday.

According to early data published by Shopify, apparel and accessories and health and beauty were among the top-selling categories over BFCM. Additionally, despite accounting for less than 1% of the global population, UK-based sellers were among the highest sellers globally, second only to the United States, with London among the top-selling cities. 

However, it was not just UK-based customers who were out (virtually) shopping. As Shopify reports, 15% of all orders placed on Friday were cross-border, with one of the most popular routes being the United Kingdom to the United States. 

Image of someone shopping for clothes online

However, as the sales continue into Cyber Monday, the numbers are continuing to rise. According to Shopify’s BFCM Live Globe, there have been over 43,000,000 unique shoppers across the globe by midday-Monday.

Here at Synergy, we’ve been gearing up for the increase in sales over BFCM with our Peak Preparation Plans to ensure we continue to deliver the same exceptional delivery experience for our clients and their online customers:

Image of Synergy Retail Support General Manager Kieth

“It’s been great to see our clients benefiting from the spike in sales over the Black Friday Weekend. I’m exceptionally proud of all the effort and hard work that our Operations Team have put in to continue to deliver without compromising on service, despite the large spike in volume.”

Keith Scandrett-Whitlam, General Manager.

To continue to monitor Shopify’s BFCM live data, visit or contact us today to learn more about how Synergy could help you deliver a great Peak next year. 

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Gary Rees

Gary Rees

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