Our Sustainability Promise

We take our environmental and sustainability responsibilities extremely seriously. Not only is it part of our culture, but we know it’s important to our employees, our clients and customers. 

We are regularly independently audited to UK and international standards; this includes being part of Fast Forward, which was developed with fashion retailers to address concerns of exploitative practices in UK fashion manufacturing.

We’ve built environmental responsibility into our culture and live by our reduce, reduce or recycle ethos.

3PL Services
Gary Rees CEO & Founder of Synergy Retail Support

Gary Rees
Founder & CEO

“I believe it’s our responsibility to create a sustainable solution for the long-term. That’s why we are committed to investigating further efficiency projects that will return both environmental and financial benefits.” 

Product Sustainability

A core part of our business is the quality inspection and reworking of large quantities of products. We prevent inferior quality products from being destroyed and generating waste by using specialist remedial equipment such as steam tunnelling equipment and an environmentally friendly ozone treatment chamber.

Over the last year, Synergy has inspected over 2 million units from high street retailers. Approximately 35% of products required remedial action to ensure these products can be reused.

For garments that are not suitable to be returned to prime stock, we donate to a local charity, Beehive. Beehive is a vocational Sixth form provision for young people with disabilities who run a small charity shop. 

Synergy Retail Support Product Sustainability
Synergy Retail Support Sustainable Fulfilment Packaging

Reducing our enviromental impact

We closely monitor and actively strive to reduce our carbon, water and waste. That’s why we recycle over 793 tonnes of cardboard and plastic every year and remain committed to ensuring that no waste from our site goes into a landfill.

Additionally, the cardboard cartons we purchase are produced using 70% recycled material. 

We’ve recently installed energy-efficient lighting and boilers, and we’re now working toward the aim of using 100% renewable electricity by the end of 2025.

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Gary Rees
Business Owner
Gary Rees CEO & Founder of Synergy Retail Support