Value-Add Services

Occasionally, goods arrive from manufacturers requiring assembly and co-packing. Sometimes remedial work is required to rectify manufacturing or transit issues. But we also know sending your products onto another facility to be processed adds unnecessary complexities and costs to your supply chain.

That’s why we’ve invested in building an expert in-house team so we can truly be your complete 3PL solution. With a proven track record of fast turnarounds and economical pricing, our team regularly supports clients with projects such as kitting, labelling and repackaging.

Additionally, for our fashion brands, we also provide re-work, Ozone and mould treatment services.

With our scalable operations, you can access support as and when you need it. Whether it’s an ongoing monthly basis or a one-off campaign, we can work with your requirements and we’re here to help. 

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“I would like to thank Synergy for reprocessing some 95,000 units of product for us at short notice and even shorter turnaround time. The operation ran smoothly from start to finish, with Synergy coordinating transport runs that worked with our own DC requirements and timings. The job itself was quite fiddly and needed accuracy to keep the product looking premium. I can say that the reworking was perfect and was carried out exactly how it was briefed.”

Cheryl Thompson, Tesco Head of Technical Home and Seasonal, Tesco

Co-Packing & Subscription Boxes

We pride ourselves on having your interests at the heart of all we do. And that is never more true than when we’re delivering your co-packing and re-work projects.

Our fascination with technology-driven process and production expertise means we’re the ideal solution for kit assembly, subscription box fulfilment and promotional campaigns. Our specialist technology has been perfectly optimised to manage transferring individual SKUs into kit SKUs to provide you with real-time inventory updates. Meanwhile, our experienced team has an in-depth understanding of kitting best practice, retailer requirements and packaging options so that they can give you the best advice.

We regularly support our clients with their co-packing needs, including monthly subscriptions, beauty boxes, and promotional campaigns such as Black Friday, Valentine’s Day and Christmas Advent Calendars.

co-packing services
co-packing & influencer campaign fulfilment

Influencer Campaigns

It’s becoming more and more common for brands to turn to influencers as part of their marketing campaigns in today’s social media-focused world. However, there is more to a successful influencer than just connecting with the right audience and sending them some products.

It’s important for all of your influencers to receive the same attention to detail with their packages and that your brand message is communicated effectively. But most importantly, your orders need to be delivered at the time of your choosing. All of this adds to creating an unrivalled unboxing experience that your influencers can share online.

Our attention to detail and reliable processes are the perfect companions for delivering your influencer campaigns.

Re-pricing & Re-ticketing

Despite the best planning, sometimes the inevitable happens, and stock needs to be re-labelled, re-priced or re-ticketed. And when it does, there’s no need to worry as we’re on hand to help you, quickly and efficiently.

We know that economy and speed is paramount, and our team regularly exceeds these expectations. Working with online retailers, high street brands and major supermarkets, we have supported our clients with smaller ad-hoc projects and large projects with 20 million units per annum, processing over 20 trailers per day.

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Quality Control

We know how important it is that products that are dispatched to your customers are not only in good condition but also safe and fit for purpose. That’s why our team of Quality Inspectors thoroughly check your inventory meets both your expectations and industry control standards.

Working within our dedicated clean and well-lit quality control area, we provide AQL or 100% inspections to generate detailed reports to help identify production improvement opportunities with your manufacturers.  Meanwhile, they can rectify issues using our in-house re-work services, including:

Ozone & Mould Removal Treatment

Sometimes when your products spend a long time in transit, they can arrive with mould or strong odours such as glue or diesel. When this happens, it can feel there is no other choice than to destroy the items rather than risk disappointing your customers. However, we’re here to tell you there is another way that is more economically and environmentally friendly and will leave your finance team rejoicing.

While our Ozone Decontamination Zone might look and sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, we can promise you it’s not! It’s simply a designated space where our specialist equipment can safely and in an eco-friendly manner remove unpleasant odours and destroy the bacteria that causes mould.

Our Micro-Fresh® accredited Ozone treatment uses no harsh chemicals, is hypoallergenic and vegan friendly.

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“We have been using Synergy for over 10 years for remedial services on our products. They have been able to help with a range of projects including various levels of mould which have been resolved by Ozone, ensuring mould spores are killed and any regrowth stopped. Synergy always provides a high standard of work therefore we would happily recommend Synergy for their Ozone mould treatment services.”

Nadine Stride, Senior Technologist, OFFICE shoes

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Gary Rees CEO & Founder of Synergy Retail Support